Watercolor Artist, Linda LaBella-MorganMy name is Linda LaBella-Morgan and I'd like to start by welcoming  you to my website.   I'm a watercolorist.  My work is a visual communication of the personal fusion of life experiences and self-identity. Like many first generation Americans, I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant.  My paintings reflect the time I spent in Italy living as a native when I studied there while in college, the numerous trips to visit my cousins in Rome, and the Italy tours I designed, offered and conducted for a number of years.  This cultural immersion allowed me to experience the landscapes I'd feature in my work, a rare opportunity to record my observations of nuns in traditional habits while on pilgrimage in Rome or Assisi, and the endless enriching celebrations of my Italian heritage.   

My collection "Vivere" ("vee'-vair-ray", Italian for "to live")  consists of a series of paintings documenting those moments in life that inspire thought, attention and action. 

*The series, Habit Forming, portrays 'Living Life with Spirit'.  The paintings feature playful nuns in Italian landscapes putting the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit into action while perfecting the 7 Virtues as they unintentionally overcome the 7 Deadly Sins. 

The 7 Holy Sacraments are also portrayed.  These often misrepresented, misunderstood and clearly under-appreciated sisters drove me to create this series.  Their service to the church, community and God needed to be recognized.  When the church denied these faithful women the equal rights of a deacon or a priest, my "holy crusade" began.  With paintbrush in hand, I would empower them in my paintings. (For example, a nun is not allowed to marry or to perform a marriage in the church, however, in the kitchen they marry the flavors in a recipe)  Each painting tells a story while providing a joyful life lesson. The narratives are coupled with symbolism and original poetry allowing for multiple layers of meaning.  

*The seriesPainting Light and Glass features "When Life is Still".   This series is comprised of still life paintings illuminating glass and light effects in a photo-real approach.

Following many requests to buy my original paintings, I wrestled with the idea of putting the most requested pieces into prints. I was committed to selling "ART" not copies, ergo, I chose the highest quality of paper, the Giclée and the Epson printing process that captures the watercolor washes and translucency perfectly and a private printing company that met with me personally for color consultations and detailed discussions. My patrons would take home a piece of art, not a copy of a piece of art!  With this inventory of original and reduced sized prints, notecards and bookmarks, I started my small business  Vivere Watercolors.  

Most recently, I have added to my art pursuits with writing and illustrating my first book:  Thus, a Woman’s Day. This illustrated book of prose celebrates all women and their daily transcendence by embracing their ability to listen to their inner voice and by following their intuition.

Questions, comments, and inquiries can be directed to Labella192@gmail.com